Welcome to Eugene Livestock Auction's Horse Sales

Horse Sales - 2nd Sunday Monthly

If you want to preconsign your horse and have it listed on Facebook you will have to sign
a consignment form and fill out a story.  We post horses and stories starting Tuesday 
before a sale. 

The Facebook group is:
Eugene Horse Auction 2nd Sunday monthly.

We give sellers an opportunity to market their horse to a large number of 
people.  If your horse is registered - bring the papers. If your horse is broke 
to ride - ride it through the ring or at the very least ride it around.  If 
your horse has been used for something - write a story to tell us about it. If you 
drop your horse off with no story very few people will be interested.  

It is not very expensive to try to sell your horse. At this time and subject to 
change the commission is 8% with a $45.00 minimum to sell a horse. 
  If you nosale your horse you are still obligated for the $45.00 fee
  If your horse does not bring a bid you are still obligated for the 
$45.00 fee.  You can set a minimum and your horse will nosale if it does not reach 
that amount. If you nosale your horse in the ring and then find a buyer for it 
you are obligated for the commission on the horse. Run the sale through the 
office.  If you have any questions email us eugeneliv@aol.com or call us at 
541 998-3353.                             

Horse sale dates 2018

January 14
February 11
March 11
April 8
May 13
June 10
July 8 
August 12
September 9
October 14
November 11
December 9

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